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Maine Currents Special 7/25/18

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Studio Engineer: John Greenman

Questions and concerns about the proposed salmon aquaculture facility in Belfast

Ellie Daniels, Belfast business owner, abutting property owner and member of Local Citizens for SMART Growth
Lawrence Reichard, freelance columnist whose column Bricks and Mortars appears in the Republican Journal , [email protected]

Note: Nordic Aquafarms and a Belfast City Council member who supports this proposal were invited to participate in this program but declined.

Previous coverage of local salmon aquaculture proposals on Maine Currents can be found at the following links:

Maine Currents 4/5/18

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Studio Engineer: John Greenman

Segment 1: Belfast Salmon Aquaculture Proposal Raises Concerns
Segment 2: Removing Guns From Mainers Deemed to be a Risk — Mainers Weigh in on “Red Flag” Bill

Segment 1: As listeners may be aware, plans are underway for Nordic Aquafarms to build a large land-based aquaculture facility in Belfast. The proposed site is partly owned by the local water district and would need to be rezoned. The benefits of such a project would be a probable decrease in taxes and more jobs in the area, but some local residents also have concerns and believe the approval process is moving too quickly, with a vote on zoning possibly taking place this month. Belfast residents Joanne Moesswilde and Ellie Daniels are with me in the studio this morning to share some of their concerns. (NOTE: We plan to follow up with a full show dedicated to land-based salmon aquaculture in the near future. If you are involved in the issue and would like to possibly be part of that show, please contact Amy Browne at [email protected])

These are the links Ellie Daniels mentioned on the show, along with her descriptions of each: “This is a comprehensive report from the International Salmon Farmers Association.” “This is on the ME DEP site, and summarizes the issues associated with excess phosphorous or nitrogen in discharge water.” “This is a trade site that follows the industry.”

Segment 2: A crowd with strong opinions on both sides of the issue testified at a public hearing on LD 1884 “An Act To Create a Community Protection Order To Allow Courts To Prevent High-risk Individuals from Possessing Firearms” in Augusta Tuesday. If passed, this “Red Flag” bill would allow guns to be temporarily taken away from people who are deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others. Today on Maine Currents we listen in as LD 1884 is introduced by Senator Mark Dion, and then we hear some of the public testimony from both sides:

To follow the progress of the bill:
For info on how to contact your legislators:

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Maine Currents 3/27/18

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Our thanks for contributing audio for today’s program goes out to: Sonja Katharine Birthisel, Tracey Hair, Jeanne Curran, John Greenman

Segment 1: “March for Our Lives” audio collage
Segment 2: Salmon Aquaculture Proposed at Abandoned Mill Site in Bucksport

1: A collage of audio clips from local “March for Our Lives” events on 3/24/18. First we hear Stillwater Youth chanting, recorded by Sonja Katharine Birthisel, followed by a few clips of the speakers at the Bangor rally, recorded by Tracey Hair, and then some person in the street interviews in Bangor, recorded by Jeanne Curran.

2: Large salmon aquaculture companies are planning to build facilities in Belfast and Bangor, raising hopes and concerns in both communities. Whole Oceans, the company planning to locate at the abandoned Bucksport mill site held a public meeting recently. John Greenman recorded the event, and today we have some clips from the company’s presentation, followed by some of the question and answer session.

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Coastal Conversations 3/24/17

Producer/Host: Paul Anderson
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Maine coastal and ocean issues

Program Topic: Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network

Key Discussion Points:
National Science Foundation grant to the University of Maine to establish the Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network (SEANET).
Aquaculture is an important part of the food system and is being integrated into Maine’s multi-use working waterfront.
Graduate students working across disciplines are creating and interdisciplinary approach to answer complex societal questions about how aquaculture can grow sustainably.

Libby Gorse, Graduate Student, University of Maine
Molly Mason, Graduate Student, University of Maine
Ben Scuderi, Graduate Student, University of Maine
Amalia Harrington, Graduate Student, University of Maine

Talk of the Towns 1/22/10

Guest host: Natalie Springuel, University of Maine Sea Grant

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: Aquaculture on the Maine Coast

Dana Morse, University of Maine Sea Grant (207-563-3146 x205 or [email protected])
Adam Campbell, North Haven Oyster Company and commercial fisherman ([email protected])
Sebastian Belle, Maine Aquaculture Association (207-867-4453, North Haven, Maine)