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WERU Special 3/28/17 – Life for girls and women in Afghanistan

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

Three girls, aged 12-18, describe the socioeconomic challenges in their lives, yet they remain committed to helping others in their family and community.

Hadisa, volunteer
Muqadisa, volunteer
Fatima, student

Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre, Kabul, Afghanistan
Voices for Creative Nonviolence,

WERU Special: Borderfree Radio Afghanistan & Street Kids Project 3/5/15

Producer/Host: Carolyn Coe

Borderfree Radio in Kabul, Afghanistan
Street Kids Project

In Kabul, Afghanistan, a group of high school and college students have come together as the Afghan Peace Volunteers. At the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre and throughout their community, they work to build sustainable alternatives to the status quo.
In January, 2015, some of the Afghan Peace Volunteers formed a radio team and launched Borderfree Radio with the aim of sharing their work with a larger community and of promoting a life of nonviolence. Their first radio program features the voices of some of Kabul’s street children.
Why do Kabul’s street children want their own school?
How do the Afghan Peace Volunteers see their society? their city?
In what concrete ways does the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre work to promote understanding and nonviolence?

Borderfree Radio broadcast:
Zarghuna, host
Street children: Mehdi , Ismael, Fatima, and Rahul
Interpreters: Bismillah, Hakim, Zahidi, and Abdulhai

Separate interviews:
Afghan Peace Volunteers: Zarghuna, Zahidi Sakina (Zarghuna, interpreter), Masood Sultani, Hoor Arifi and Farzana Safari (Hakim, interpreter)


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WERU News Report 8/29/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Issue: Independent Local News
International peace activist and author Kathy Kelly spoke in Bangor, Maine on August 23rd, after returning from one of her many trips to Afghanistan. She described the work of Afghan Peace Volunteers, and day-to-day life, under the shadow of the on-going U.S. military presence in that country. Today we pick up where we left off yesterday, with part 2 (of 3) of Kathy Kelly’s talk at her stop in Bangor:

Guest: Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence

FMI: www.vcnv,org ,
Some of the videos referenced in this talk:

WERU News Report 8/28/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1: The statewide meeting of the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition will be held at the Belfast Free Library on Saturday morning, September 15, starting at 9:30. We talk with organizer Judy Garvey. More information is available at

Segment 2: Well known international peace activist and author Kathy Kelly spoke in Maine last week, after returning from one of her many trips to Afghanistan. She described the work of Afghan Peace Volunteers, and day-to-day life, under the shadow of the on-going U.S. military presence in that country. Audio recorded by Matt Murphy, edited by Amy Browne. FMI: ,,
Some of the videos referenced in this segment:

(NOTE: This is Part 1 of 3. Part 2 aired on 8/29/12 and Part 3 will air on 9/4/12)

Women’s Windows Interview: Sonali Kolhatkar 3/20/11

Producer/Host: Marge May (aka Magdalen)

Topic: Malalai Joya denial of entry into the U.S.

Who is Malalai Joya an what is her role in Afganistan? Why was she denied entry into the U.S. for here 5th visit to this country?

Guest: Sonali Kolhatkar: journalist, activist, co-founder and director of the Afghan Women’s Mission in the U.S.

Weekend Voices 4/3/10

Producer: Carolyn Coe

Host: Amy Browne

Topic:  Speakers from the Active Community Teach-In “Bring Our War $$ Home”, held in Bangor on 3/20/10, sponsored by the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine.

Keynote: Mariam Atifa Raqib, President of Samsortya, a nonprofit with the goal of reforesting part of eastern Afghanistan.  Raqib worked from 1996-2007 with the Afghan Health and Social Assistance Organization in Peshwar, Pakistan.  She was born in Afghanistan.  In her keynote she provides a timeline of Afghanistan’s recent history, since the abolition of the Afghan monarchy.  FMI:

Gold Star Mother Mary Alice Horrigan speaks about the human costs (among other costs) of war.

Weekend Voices 3/20/10

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Topic: Camden Conference Presentation by Larry Goodson, Professor of Middle East Studies, Department of National Security and Strategy, U.S. Army War College.

What are the current U.S. objectives in Afghanistan?  What is the current U.S. strategy to achieve those objectives?   How likely is that strategy to be successful?

RadioActive 3/18/10

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco


Today we look at how the health insurance industry’s still unbridled quest for profits hits close to home.  Tomorrow state courts will hear Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s lawsuit against Maine for stopping their proposed 18% rate increase.

We also hear an editorial on a bill which would require cell phones to carry labels cautioning consumers on the health hazards of their radiation.

And we also review upcoming events which we will be covering in the next few days, concerning the war in Afghanistan,  the constitutional rights of corporations, and mountain top removal coal mining.