WERU Special: A Conversation About the State of Civil Rights in Maine Broadcast date: 2/16/22

Producer/Host: Linda Washburn

NOTE: This program will be broadcast on 2/16/22 at 4pm. We are making it available on the archives prior to the air date in honor of Black History Month.

This panel discussion was co-hosted by the Greater Bangor Area Branch of the NAACP and the University of Maine Alumni Association (UMAA) as part of eastern and central Maine’s 2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration January 17, 2022. The entire event was streamed live on YouTube and is available in the UMAA YouTube archive. Our thanks to the University for making this recording available to WERU listeners. Aysha Vear, Associate Director of Marketing and Engagement, UMAA, managed the UMAA YouTube stream of the event; downloaded the video file and sent audio file to LW to edit the panel discussion for WERU broadcast.

Some of the topics covered include:
-civil rights
-social justice
-legal efforts to ‘right’, the ‘wrongs’ of history
-“owning” our history
-education opportunities for Maine students to learn about marginalized people and cultures in Maine
-Do you think our actions in-between Martin Luther King Jr.’s MLK Birthday Celebrations would meet his expectations?
-direction on how to ensure civil rights for all people through community engagement

John N. Diamond, President of the UMAA

Maulian Dana,Tribal Ambassador, Penobscot Nation
Richard Evans (MD), Maine State Representative
David Patrick, Racial Equity and Justice Educator
Rachel Talbot Ross, Assistant Majority Leader, Maine House of Representatives