Going & Doing Special 4/12/10

Producer/Host: John Greenman

Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

Topic: Update on Haiti Earthquake aftermath
How many children are being helped at Vilaj Espwa, and how helpful are the local and regional and national administrations?  What did the US do to Haiti, through the years, that has made it so hard for Haiti’s people to become self-sufficient and, how does a portable water purification system work and how many have been distributed by Water Projects international?
-Drs. Danielle and Lawrence Mutty, Castine
-Father Marc Boisvert, Founder and Director of Pwoje Espwa – www.freethekids.org -Bob Brown , co-director of Pan African Roots and the Kwame Ture Work-Study Institute and Library
– Justin Walker- founder  of Water Projects International – www.waterprojectsinternational.org
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