WERU Special 5/01/08

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

Topic: Six Maine peace activists who were charged with Criminal Trespass for refusing to leave the offices of Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) in March 2007 have been found NOT GUILTY in a jury trial that ended yesterday. They were at the Senator’s office after several unsuccessful requests that she meet with her constituents regarding their concerns about the war/occupation in Iraq.

The six found not guilty : Jim Freeman, Doug Rawlings, Robert Shetterly, Henry Braun, Jon Kreps and Dud Hendrick. Some represented themselves while others were represented by attorneys Lynne Williams and Phil Worden. Arrested with them in 2007 were Pat Wheeler, Nancy Hill, Judy Robbins, Peter Robbins, Diane FitzGerald and Maureen Block, who settled their cases previously.

For today’s special we have three of the defendants here in the studio: Jon Kreps, Dud Hendrick and Jim Freeman , attorney Lynne Williams joining us by phone, and we open the phone lines to the community for their questions and comments.

FMI: Eric T. Olson’s blog includes articles, photos and video: maineowl.net/blog/; shows.weru.org/archives/radioactive/ra-20070308