Relationship Rewind 11/21/23: All Too Well

Host: Carrie Clark (she, hers) Youth Educator and Advocate at NextStep Domestic Violence Project. NextStep 24/7 Helpline: 1(800) 315-5579
Music credit: Megan Light and Nathan Spears, local musicians, donated theme music for the show.

Relationship Rewind: Rewinding relationships in popular media and breaking down behaviors based in power, control, and abuse.

This episode:

Discussing unhealthy behaviors in relationships shown in the short film “All Too Well”.
Discussing how media normalizes these behaviors.
Discussing the impacts of these messages about relationships on young people.

Guest/s: Emily Young, local musician.

About the hosts:
Alli Williamson (she, her) is the youth educator and advocate for NextStep Domestic Violence Project based in Hancock and Washington County, ME. She teaches young people from Kindergarten to College about what power and control looks like in friendships and relationships, what resources are available to support those experiencing this, and how we can work to make our schools and communities safer and more equal spaces where abuse may be less likely to happen.