RadioActive 10/10/19: Climate Strike In Bar Harbor

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

Today we hear audio from the September 20th Climate Strike in Bar Harbor, one of many Maine towns that participated in that day’s Global Climate Strike.
Earlier that week, Mount Desert Island High School became the first Maine school to convert completely to solar energy, producing more electricity then its yearly need, from its over 1400 roof top solar panels.
On September 20th, MDI High School and College of the Atlantic students rallied at the Bar Harbor Green, presenting seven demands for climate action and climate justice. Also speaking were Representative Brian Hubbel, a representatives from Congressman Jared Golden’s office and Mariana Orias Lopez, a College of the Atlantic student spoke about the burning Amazon rain forest.

Mariana Orias Lopez – Bolivia, COA
Matilda Allen (MDI High School) Sofie Dowling (MDI High School), Laura Berry, Ania Wright (COA) Leelou Gordon Fox (COA, Unied Kingdom), Sage Verrier Leafsong (Maine, COA), Sirohi Kumar (MDI High School), Hunter Bishoff (COA), Felipe Andres Fontecilla Gutierrez (Chile, COA), Morgane Saint-Cyr (COA, Quebec, Canada), , Tina Drupa (COA Latvia), Emma Strevey (COA), Mafe Fernanda Farias Briseno (COA, Mexico), Katrine Oesterby (COA-Denmark),Thomas Korstanje (MDI High School)

Today’s program was co-produced by WERU FM/RadioActive and Sunlight Media Collective.