RadioActive 1/25/18

Producer: Meredith DeFrancesco

Nestle/Poland Spring Manager Appointed to Maine Board of Environmental Protection and Trump Moves to Open Offshore Drilling

-Today, we look at the appointment and confirmation of Nestle/Poland Springs natural resources manager Mark Dubois to Maine’s Board of Environmental Protection (BEP), and the close relationship between industry and regulators in the state.

-Poland Springs, a subsidiary of Nestle, has been pursuing aggressive expansion of their wells in Maine. Dubois oversees the selection of new spring sites.

-In April, President Trump signed an executive order instructing the Dept of Interior to write new rules for offshore oil and gas drilling, as part of “America First Offshore Energy Strategy”. The Trump Administration’s new plan aims to open close to 90% of the US outer continental shelf for drilling, including off the coast of Maine. The Dept of Interior is accepting public comments on the plan until March 9th.

Nickie Sekera, Community Water Justice
Lisa Pohlmann, Natural Resources Council of Maine