RadioActive 7/8/10

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

Topic: Industrial Wind in Maine

Today we look at the controversy around wind power development in Maine.
Wind power has been touted as an alternative energy source, which we need to foster a domestic energy supply and minimize the pollution causing climate change. In the past three years, state government has examined the regulatory process which industrial wind developers must go through to execute projects and have made legislative changes to expedite that process.
Environmental and democracy activists caution that industrial wind is not a panacea. Effects are already being experienced by people located near wind farms, and other projects are poised to develop pristine alpine regions in Maine. Earlier this week, Earth First activists engaged in direct action against the industrial wind development at Kibby Mountain, outside of Stratton, Maine.
Today we here from a number of prospective s, with interviews  with  Bob Weingarten of Friends of the Boundary Mountains, Jonathan Carter of the Forest Ecology Network, and John Kerry, the director of Maine’s Office of Energy Independence and Security