RadioActive 8/13/09

Producers/Hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco

In recent days the activist community in this part of Maine has been abuzz with reports that a federal grand jury has been convened in Bangor, and may be investigating local activists. We have been able to confirm the existence of a grand jury, and some information that indicates that it may be focusing on at least one person who has ties to the activist community. So far the parties involved have not come forward publicly. James McCarthy, the U.S. Assistant Attorney who issued the subpoena, has refused to answer our questions.
The Federal Grand Jury process has been used extensively in other parts of the US— most notably as part of the “Green Scare” witch hunt against environmental activists in the western states. Whether local activists are being targeted or not, attorneys who have dealt with this issue say it’s important to know your rights should someone knock on YOUR door with a subpoena. This week we’ll be focusing on that issue on RadioActive and Weekend Voices. Saturday at 10 on Weekend Voices, local attorneys Phil Worden and Lynne Williams will weigh in the issue, but we start today with some background on how Federal Grand Juries were used to target community activists in the west, with our guest Lauren Regan, ED, Attorney at Law, Executive Director of The Civil Liberties Defense Center, based in Eugene, Oregon.