RadioActive 4/24/08

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

Topic: Immigration and it’s Roots in  Free Trade Policy and Inequality in El Salvador
The Peace Accords did not result in the slated economic forum to address inequalities in the country. Instead the government adopted structural adjustment measures, leading to privatization measure and increasing free trade.
The rate of poverty is great in El Salvador.   Free trade policy has increased the crush on small farmers and others. It is difficult for people to migrate to the US, but their impetus is poverty. Ironically, this is perpetuated by neo liberal policies directed and implemented by the United States.

Guests: Lorena Martinez, CRIPDES, the Association for the Development of El Salvador
Pedro Juan Hernandez,  Popular Resistance Movement  of October 12th, (MPR-12)
Katie Sharar, Annunciation  House, El Paso, TX; Casa Marianella, Austin, TX
Lilian- Cabanas, El Salvador