RadioActive 12/07/06

Producers/hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Amy Browne

Guests: Lynne Williams and Lauren ReganTopic: “Greenscare” –an interview with attorneys Lauren Regan and Lynne Williams. Lauren Regan is the Director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center based in Eugene, Oregon. She has been a consulting attorney for the Green Scare cases. She is also the attorney for Jeffrey “Free” Luers. Lynne Williams is on the Executive Board of the National Lawyers Guild. She works on 1st Amendment and Civil Liberties cases representing protesters and environmental activists

What is “Greenscare” ? How is the term “terrorism” being used to increase penalties for certain crimes that already carry stiff penalties? What is the status of the “Greenscare” defendants?

FMI: Civil Liberties Defense Center,; Lynne Williams, 207-288-8484