Notes from the Electronic Cottage 3/18/21: Recent Privacy Initiatives

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Privacy and control of our personal information on the web is a hot topic these days, and recent initiatives hold out the hope of returning more control over our personal information to users. Who is leading the charge on this topic now? The federal government? Not a chance. State governments? A few. Internet giants like Apple and Google? You got it! In this first of a short series on the subject, we’ll look at how Apple is requiring users to affirmatively choose to be tracked across the web. If users say no, that’s it. Not surprisingly, some companies (can you say “Facebook”) are not too happy about this change. Here’s what’s happening.

By the way, as mentioned in today¹s show, if you would like to change your Domain Name Server (DNS) to one that does not track you, here’s how