Notes from the Electronic Cottage 6/11/20: Demonstrations and Tech 2

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Demonstrators are taking to the streets in the wake of George Floyd’s death across the country, and, with variations to suit their local situations, across the world. While tech like cell phones and social media can help to organize those events, and while cameras on smart phones can help record what happens at them, there is another side to tech, as there often is. Authorities are using cell phone tracing tech, facial recognition, and other tech tools to identify protestors, to populate databases, occasionally, even to follow them home or call them at home later. Thus, people who wish to exercise their Constitutional rights without opening themselves up to unconstitutional wrongs should make some key choices before they hit the streets. Below are some sites that, along with today’s program, can help people prepare if they wish to demonstrate anonymously in today’s digital world.

Surveillance Self-Defense

Vox: The police want your phone data. Here’s what they can get — and what they can’t

Gizmodo: Your Phone Is a Goldmine of Hidden Data for Cops. Here’s How to Fight Back

India Times: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says download Signal as US protests gain steam

Tom’s Guide: Signal is adding automatic face blurring to help protesters

Consumer Reports: How to Protect Phone Privacy and Security During a Protest

Wired: How to Protest Safely in the Age of Surveillance