NextWave Radio Hour 1/26/23: Making the World Better

Producer/Host: Pepin Mittelhauser (he/him)
Theme music by Zeke Sacaridiz. All other music is royalty free.This project was made possible by the generous support of the Maine Community Foundation.

NextWave Radio Hour is a new program featuring folks in their 20s and 30s, often referred to as Millennials, from all across Maine. In this program, host Pepin Mittelhauser will be discussing issues, news, and current events both locally and nationally, and featuring young creators who trailblaze their own paths in our modern political, economic, and social climate. We hope to provide unique perspectives of life from the next generation working to create the future they hope to lead.

This month:
-Working to make the world a better place for everyone
-Being queer in Maine
-Creating the life that suites you best

“The Waggle” and “Metamorphosis” by Bee Parks and the Hornets used with permission.

Bethany Humphrey
Nina Duggan, Healthy Acadia, Maine Transnet, Downeast Rainbow Alliance, Curbside Queens
Brittany Parker, Bee Parks and the Hornets

About the host:
Pepin Mittelhauser (he/him) is the Digital Media Associate to WERU Community Radio, and an avid gardener and farmer, musician and singer, and lover of nature and the outdoors. He graduated from College of the Atlantic in ’19 with focuses in sustainable agriculture, food systems, and live and recorded audio engineering and production.