Maine Currents 2/2/21: “Being Black in Maine: Lived Experience and the Prospect for Change”

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Today we bring you a panel discussion, “Being Black in Maine: Lived Experience and the Prospect for Change”, recorded on MLK Day 2021 via zoom. The speakers were Daryl Fort, leadership development consultant (moderator)’ Tonya Bailey-Curry, Clinical Social Worker at Bates College; Nancy Dymond, SAD 22 educator; Madison “Madi” Hemingway, UMaine Student; Ricky Hall, USDA/NRCS Civil Engineering Technician; and Tessa Solomon, UMaine student. The event was cosponsored by the UMaine Alumni Association and the Bangor Area Chapter of the NAACP

This recording was lightly edited to address audio quality issues in place.

About the host:
Amy Browne started out at WERU as a volunteer news & public affairs producer in 2000, co-hosting/co-producing RadioActive with Meredith DeFrancesco. She joined the team of Voices producers a few years later, and has been WERU’s News & Public Affairs Manager since January, 2006. In addition to RadioActive, Voices and Maine Currents, she also produced and hosted the WERU News Report for several years. She has produced segments for national programs including Free Speech Radio News, This Way Out, Making Contact, Workers Independent News, Pacifica PeaceWatch, and Live Wire News, and has contributed to Democracy Now and the WBAI News Report. She is the recipient of the 2014 Excellence in Environmental Journalism Award from the Sierra Club of Maine, and the First Place 2017 Radio News Award from the Maine Association of Broadcasters.