Maine Currents 9/5/19: Voices from Still Mill

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Audio recorded by John Greenman and edited by Amy Browne

Storytelling fans and local history buffs are in for a treat today as we bring you some of the “Voices from Still Mill”, recorded on July 21st at the Alamo Theatre in Bucksport, Maine.
The event was based on the book, STILL MILL, Poems, Stories & Songs of Making Paper in Bucksport, Maine 1930-2014 edited by Patricia Smith Ranzoni, Bucksport’s Poet Laureate and published by North Country Press. [Copyright © and registered with Library of Congress 2017. Used by permission of Patricia Smith Ranzoni, Editor]

Mel Allen, Editor of Yankee magazine and author of the 2018 article “Bucksport, Maine The Town That Refused to Die” was the facilitator. A song by Chris Soper was featured (view the youtube video of the song here )

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