Maine Currents 3/30/16

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Engineer: John Greenman

Today we return to our on-going community discussion of the upcoming presidential election.
We have a returning guest in the studio today with us today, Bernie Sanders supporter Tim Wilson, of Belfast. Tim has a bachelor’s degree in political science and an MBA. In the 90s, he was a campaign volunteer for Ross Perot. In 2004 he and his fiancé walked from Concord, Mass to the Jefferson Memorial in DC for a “Healthy World of Sustainable Peace and Prosperity”. And joining us for the first time today is Blue Hill resident Margaret Hannah, a Hillary Clinton supporter. Margaret says she has memories of intensely watching national political campaigns on TV starting in 1956. She campaigned in New Hampshire in 1968 for Gene McCarthy; participated in civil rights marches in DC and NYC and throughout the country in marches against the Iraq war.

Our Green Party representative who joined us last time was not available today. We reached out the Republican party and the Hancock County GOP group will hopefully be sending someone next time, but we were not able to have someone join us here in the studio today.

Earlier this month on “Maine Currents” we asked the question we’ll be asking again today, and more as the election season continues: “which presidential candidate do you support, and why?”.