Let’s Talk Animals (Finale) 6/23/22: Veterinarian’s Perspective

Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

Lets Talk Animals From Aardvarks to Zebras, Farewell show

Veterinarian’s Perspective- 4 veterinarians discuss different aspects of private practice

-Being a Vet in a small town
-Being a women in the veterinary profession
-The future of alternative veterinary medicine
-Aspects of vet hospitals becoming part of corporations

Guests: Dr Greg Thibodeau, Dr Yevette Lahaye, Dr Tom Cameron, Dr Mark Hanks

About the host:

Dr. Hunt is a retired veterinarian that practiced small animal medicine and surgery for 32 years. For twenty six of those years he owned and operated the Bucksport Veterinary Hospital. He graduated from Michigan State University Vet School in 1982, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Conservation from the University of Connecticut in 1974, and a Masters in Zoology at Michigan State in 1976. Although he took special interest in pet behavior problems his primary interest was helping pet owners care for their pets by not only helping them when they were sick but educating, counseling and supporting the family to achieve good pet care.

Dr. Hunt was also a track coach at Bucksport High School for 20+ years, raised his 3 children and loved being part of the Bucksport community. His has written 2 books and currently teaches at the Veterinary Technician program at York County Community College.