Let’s Talk About It 12/9/22: Surviving Domestic Violence – Melody and Melissa

Producer/Host: Patrisha McLean
Production assistance: Tammy Oropesa
Music: Jackie McLean

Let’s Talk About It: Conversations with Survivors of Domestic Abuse

This month:
Melody, a MicMac native, says that being incarcerated in Windham Prison was a relief from the captivity in domestic violence at home by her controlling intimate partner. Today we hear from two Maine women who got out of domestic abuse nightmares, and are not only surviving but thriving. We also explore the link between domestic abuse and substance abuse.

Melody Rose Paul, author of Savaged to Wellness and The Road to Recovery
Melissa, survivor of rampage by her ex that almost killed her

About the host:
Patrisha McLean is the founder/president of Finding Our Voices, the grassrroots survivor-powered non-profit organization breaking the silence of domestic abuse community by community all across Maine.