Let’s Talk About It 7/21/20: Emotional Abuse

Producer/Host: Patrisha McLean
Production assistance:
Alex Wilder
“Just A Bully” co-written with Patrisha McLean and Nora Willauer in a collaboration with DocSong. Performed by Willauer.

Let’s Talk About It: Conversations with Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Molly Eddy, Lindsay O’Brien and Carissa Carney. When there are no bruises it is harder to see, but feels just as bad and sometimes worse. 

Second Part, more voices from some of the 45 women on the Finding Our Voices domestic abuse-awareness posters touring the state: Melanie Leo-Daigle, Meg Barclay, Maegan Graslie and Mary Lou Smith.

Topics include:
The tactics abusers use to get and maintain control of you.

About the host:
Patrisha McLean is the founder/president of Finding Our Voices, the grass roots survivor-powered non profit organization breaking the silence of domestic abuse one conversation and community at a time all across Maine.