Let’s Talk About It 6/12/20: Isolation and the Importance of Friends

Producer/Host: Patrisha McLean
Technical assistance:
Alex Wilder
“Just A Bully” co-written with Patrisha McLean and Nora Willauer in a collaboration with DocSong. Performed by Willauer.

Let’s Talk About It: Conversations with Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Courtney Billings and Jess Harriman Courtney and Jess discuss how Jess grew alarmed as Courtney’s new boyfriend slowly turned her into a shell of herself, and how she helped to rescue her.

Topics include:
Emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse.

About the host:
Patrisha McLean is the founder/president of Finding Our Voices, the grass roots survivor-powered non profit organization breaking the silence of domestic abuse one conversation and community at a time all across Maine.