Healthy Options 4/6/22: The serious problems of PFAS “forever chemicals” with Patrick MacRoy

Host/Producer: Rhonda Feiman
Co-Producer: Petra Hall
Technical assistance: Joel Mann & Amy Browne

The serious problems of PFAS: The “forever chemicals” in our food, water, land & everywhere…

Key discussion points:
1. What are PFAS & “forever chemicals”?
2. Why are we so concerned about them?
3. What products contain PFAS?
4. Are PFAS in our water, soil & products, and how did they get there?
5. What food packaging contains PFAS?
6. Is there a way to minimize your exposure to PFAS?
7. What are the long-term health ramifications of exposure to PFAS?
8. Is there any acceptable level for PFAS exposure?
9. Is it possible to filter out these chemicals if they are in your water?
10. What can we do about toxic levels of PFAS in our bodies?
11. Is there anything to be done to remedy toxic levels of PFAS in the soil?
12. How is this issue handled in the USA vs. how they deal with it in Europe?

Patrick MacRoy, Deputy Director of DEFEND OUR HEALTH, a public health organization based in Portland, Maine, which advocates for safe water, safe food, safe products, & a toxic-free environment. DEFEND OUR HEALTH is actively engaged in exposing the dangers of PFAS- the “forever chemicals” contaminating our food, water, soil, and products.

About the host:
Rhonda Feiman is a nationally-certified, licensed acupuncturist practicing in Belfast, Maine since 1993. She primarily practices Toyohari Japanese acupuncture, using gentle and powerful non-insertion needle techniques, and also utilizes Chinese acupuncture and herbology. In addition, Rhonda is a practitioner of Qi Gong and an instructor of Tai Chi Chuan in the Yang Family tradition.