Healthy Options 5/6/20: The Intersection of Healing and Music

Host/Producer: Rhonda Feiman
Co-producer: Petra Hall
Engineering assistance: Joel Mann

Rhonda Feiman explores the intersection of healing and music, with singer and energetic healer Amy Robbins Wilson.

-How can we soothe our nervous systems through music?
-What is chanting, and why is chanting so powerful in affecting the nervous system?
-Does music have to be soft and quiet in order to be healing?
-Some people feel relaxed when listening to music that is discordant- why is that so?
-How can music and singing be combined with other healing modalities?
-How can we use music, rhythm and song to work with young children?
-How has music been used in hospitals, neonatal units with infants, and intensive care settings, etc. to assist in healing?
-Why are lullabies so wonderful!?


Amy Robbins-Wilson holds a BA in Empowerment Theater for Women from Bates College, an MA in Expressive Arts Therapies from Lesley University and an MA in Ritual Song and Chant Performance from The World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland.

She is a musician and expressive arts therapist, Reiki master, author of Transformational Mothering, creator of several solo albums of music, and she is also a meditation guide at Ananda Yoga & Wellness in Belfast, Maine.

As the musical parenting expert on, Amy educates and encourages new parents in the best ways to connect, communicate and develop creative young minds with music. Her online musical parenting program for new mothers, called Mommy Jingles, empowers moms by showing them how to best use music with their babies.

About the host:
Rhonda Feiman is a nationally-certified, licensed acupuncturist practicing in Belfast, Maine since 1993. She primarily practices Toyohari Japanese acupuncture, using gentle and powerful non-insertion needle techniques, and also utilizes Chinese acupuncture and herbology. In addition, Rhonda is a practitioner of Qi Gong and an instructor of Tai Chi Chuan in the Yang Family tradition.