Democracy Forum 7/21/17

Host: Ann Luther, League of Women Voters of Maine  
Engineer: Amy Browne

Civil Discourse: Can We Still Do It?

What civil discourse looks like?
Why does it seems to be so hard right now?
How can we practice it ourselves?
What can we to do encourage it in our leaders and public servants here in Maine?

Tomas Spath, co-founder of the Institute for Civility in Government
Matt Motyl, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois – Chicago
Andrew Rudalevige, the Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government at Bowdoin College

To learn more about this topic:
Why Polarization Matters, David Blankenhorn in The American Interest
The Seven Habits of Highly Depolarizing People, David Blankenhorn in The American Interest
2016 Colby Civility Poll with the Boston Globe

The all-volunteer team at the League of Women Voters – Downeast who plan and coordinate this series includes:

Starr Gilmartin
Maggie Harling
Linda Hoskins
Ann Luther
Maryann Ogonowski
Pam Person
Leah Taylor
Linda Washburn

FMI re League of Women Voters of Maine: