Dawnland Signals Special 6/4/24: Beyond the Claims

Producers/Hosts: Maria Girouard, Esther Anne
Jeffrey Hotchkiss, Zoom recording technician

Dawnland Signals highlights indigenous topics not immediately represented in mainstream media and is meant to share, inspire, and inform. Join co-hosts Maria Girouard and Esther Anne as they engage in critical conversations of truth, healing, and change in the Dawnland.

This month:
Join co-hosts Maria Girouard and Esther Anne as they engage in a conversation of truth, healing, and change in the Dawnland with special guests. The regular monthly show’s run ended in April 2023.

Dawnland Signals returns to WERU for a special conversation about Beyond the Claims with Wabanaki artists and photographers Nolan Altvater and Maya Attean along with Kate Russell, project coordinator. In this episode, we will learn more about REACH’s oral history truth-telling project and the collaborative effort to bring the upcoming art exhibit – wikhkikonol – to life.

wikhikonol features stories and photos from Wabanakik and opens on the summer solstice at the Sipayik Museum, Passamaquoddy Territory on June 20 at 2:00 PM.

Nolan Altvater, Wabanaki artist and photographer.
Maya Tihtiyas Attean, Wabanaki artist and photographer.
Kate Russell, Wabanaki REACH Project Coordinator for Beyond the Claims, Stories from the Land & the Heart

About the hosts:
Esther Anne, is a Passamaquoddy from Sipayik who lives on Indian Island and serves on the Wabanaki REACH Board of Directors.

Maria Girouard, Penobscot from Indian Island, is Executive Director of Wabanaki REACH, a statewide organization working toward truth, healing, and change in the Dawnland. Maria is a tribal historian with a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Maine and a special interest in the Maine Indian Land Claims. Maria has devoted years to community organizing, environmental stewardship and activism, and growing food in tribal communities.