Dawnland Signals 10/21/21: Beyond the Claims- Stories from the Land and the Heart

Producers/Hosts: Maria Girouard, Esther Anne
Engineer: Jeffrey Hotchkiss

Critical conversations of truth, healing, and change in the Dawnland: Wabanaki REACH‘s Truth Telling Initiative

-What Wabanaki REACH’s truth-telling project is about and what groundwork has been done
-What the learning curve has been like and what experience the guests bring to the project
-What the project hopes to accomplish


Kate Russell, Wabanaki REACH Project Coordinator and Stephanie Bailey, Passamaquoddy from Motahkmihkuk and Project Story Collector.

About the hosts:

Esther Anne, is a Passamaquoddy from Sipayik who lives on Indian Island and serves on the Wabanaki REACH Board of Directors.

Maria Girouard, Penobscot from Indian Island, is Executive Director of Wabanaki REACH, a statewide organization working toward truth, healing, and change in the Dawnland. Maria is a tribal historian with a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Maine and a special interest in the Maine Indian Land Claims. Maria has devoted years to community organizing, environmental stewardship and activism, and growing food in tribal communities.