Dawnland Signals 12/17/20: The Power of Song

Producers/Hosts: Maria Girouard, Esther Anne
Production assistance: Jeffrey Hotchkiss

Critical conversations of truth, healing, and change in the Dawnland: The Power of Song

-Can you tell us about how you started singing?
-What is your most special singing memory?
-What is your advice to parents who want to teach their children the power of song?

Guests: Sarah Dewitt, Micmac, Suzie Lewey, Passamaquoddy, and Julie Miller, Micmac – members of Mawitan’ej E’pitjig; and Dwayne Tomah, Passamaquoddy language teacher.

About the hosts:

Esther Anne, Passamaquoddy from Sipayik, joined the Muskie School of Public Service in 2003 where she works on projects that engage and benefit tribal communities including facilitating the Maine tribal-state Indian Child Welfare Act workgroup and creating child welfare resources with the Capacity Building Center for Tribes. She had a primary role in the creation and establishment of the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Maine-Wabanaki REACH. Esther now serves as secretary for the REACH Board of Directors and on the REACH Communications Committee. Esther lives on Indian Island and her family includes adult children and a grandbaby.

Maria Girouard, Penobscot from Indian Island, is Executive Director of Maine-Wabanaki REACH, a statewide organization working toward truth, healing, and change in the Dawnland. Maria is a tribal historian with a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Maine and a special interest in the Maine Indian Land Claims. Maria has devoted years to community organizing, environmental stewardship and activism, and growing food in tribal communities.