The Cosmic Curator 4/2/22: Karmic Kick Back

This is your Cosmic Curator, Tom Yaroschuk, with an astrological update for today Saturday April 2nd and the week ahead.
Well folks, when it comes to Vedic Astrology, the astrology of India, there is a huge emphasis on interpreting the effects of the planets on the basis of karma. In other words, why is this happening to me. No matter where I start, I end up in the same place. Or wow, I can’t believe how lucky I am……

Let’s break it down….

About the Host:
Tom Yaroschuk is a Vedic Astrologer. His intention is to help people understand their karma and the issues they may confront to cultivate more fulfilling lives. Tom is writing a memoir of the spiritual lessons derived from his work in a Homeless Day Center in between a career as an award winning television and documentary producer.