The Cosmic Curator 1/22/22: An emotionally confusing week

This is your Cosmic Curator, Tom Yaroschuk, with a look at what’s up in the stars for today Saturday January 22 2022… and the week ahead as seen through the lens of Vedic astrology.

Well folks, this could be a very confusing week.
With a dose of emotional turbulence by the weekend. Why?
The moon, the planet most associated with our emotional nature the feelings of our heart is running a gauntlet. This week, the moons transits Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.
Let’s break it down…

About the Host:
Tom Yaroschuk is a Vedic Astrologer. His intention is to help people understand their karma and the issues they may confront to cultivate more fulfilling lives. Tom is writing a memoir of the spiritual lessons derived from his work in a Homeless Day Center in between a career as an award winning television and documentary producer.