Common Ground Radio 2/8/24: Seed Saving and Fruit Tree Grafting

Host: Holli Cederholm
Clare Boland

Common Ground Radio is an hour-long discussion of local food and organic agriculture with people here in the state of Maine and beyond.

This month:
In advance of MOFGA’s annual Seed Swap & Scion Exchange, held in Unity, Maine, the February 2024 episode of Common Ground Radio explores saving seeds and fruit tree grafting, both of which are useful skills for the garden, farm and homestead. With Will Bonsall, author of “Will Bonsall’s Essential Guide to Radical Self-Reliant Gardening,” we talk about the importance of saving seed, as well as seed saving basics for beginners. Later in the show, we are joined by C. J. Walke, MOFGA’s orchard program manager, to discuss fruit tree propagation via grafting, including bench grafting, top working, and bud grafting techniques.

Will Bonsall
C.J. Walke

MOFGA’s Seed Swap & Scion Exchange —
“Will Bonsall’s Essential Guide to Radical Self-Reliant Gardening” by Will Bonsall —
“Seed to Seed” by Suzanne Ashworth —
“Seed Saving: An Introduction” by Roberta Bailey —
“A Spring Grafting Primer” by Roberta Bailey —
Maine Heritage Orchard —
MOFGA apple database —

About the hosts:
Holli Cederholm has been involved in organic agriculture since 2005 when she first apprenticed on a small farm. She has worked on organic farms in Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Scotland and Italy and, in 2010, founded a small farm focused on celebrating open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables. As the former manager of a national nonprofit dedicated to organic seed growers, she authored a peer-reviewed handbook on GMO avoidance strategies for seed growers. Holli has also been a steward at Forest Farm, the iconic homestead of “The Good Life” authors Helen and Scott Nearing; a host of “The Farm Report” on Heritage Radio Network; and a lo0ng-time contributor for The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener, which she now edits in her role as content creator and editor at MOFGA.