Coastal Conversations 4/26/24: Managing Future Forests

Producer/Host: Catherine Devine

Coastal Conversations: Conversations with people who live, work, and play on the Maine coast, hosted by the University of Maine Sea Grant Program.

This month:

What happens to science when the science is done? And how does that inform how our forests are managed in the future?

To answer these questions, Catherine Devine from Schoodic Institute sat down with UMaine’s Nicole Rogers to talk about how a research project, Extreme Climate and Trees, will help inform land management strategies for Maine’s forests in the future.. 

As a Fellow in Science Communication at Schoodic Institute. Catherine explains how she came to this topic idea: “I’ve spent 10 months exploring ways to bridge the gap between science and the public. One of my recurring questions during my fellowship was what happens to the science when the science is done? Meaning how does science and research change our environment and our lives?” Catherine’s conversion with Rogers explores these questions and more as they relate to forestry management in Maine.

Nicole Rogers, Assistant Professor of Silviculture at University of Maine.

About the hosts:

Natalie Springuel has hosted Coastal Conversation’s since 2015, with support from the University of Maine Sea Grant where she has served as a marine extension associate for 20 years. In 2019, Springuel received an award for Public Affairs programming from the Maine Association of Broadcasters for the Coastal Conversations show called “Portland’s Working Waterfront.” Springuel is passionate about translating science, sharing stories, and offering a platform for multiple voices to weigh in on complex coastal and ocean issues. She has recently enrolled in audio production training at Maine Media Workshop to dive deeper into making great community radio.

Catherine Devine is the recipient of the 2023-2024 Cathy and Jim Gero Acadia Early Career Fellowship in Science Communication at Schoodic Institute. She is the producer of season 2 of Schoodic’s Sea to Trees podcast and a graduate of New York University.