Coastal Conversations 2/26/21 Maine Fishermen’s Forum, Part 1: Shellfish Harvesting for the Future

-We talk with harvesters, wardens, marine resource committee members, and residents in Gouldsboro, Harpswell, and Brunswick, about their work restoring shellfish populations and intertidal mudflats to protect the future of shellfish harvesting as a livelihood.

-Methods to grow shellfish (including upwellers and floating nurseries deployed in the water, and a new learning lab dedicated to growing shellfish) and long term plans for reseeding mudflats.

-How communities are working together for the shared goal of mudflat repatriation in the face of climate change, predation from green crabs and ribbon worms, ocean acidification and water quality issues.

Part one of a three-part Coastal Conversations series featuring portions of webinars hosted by the Maine Fishermen’s Forum in lieu of their annual in person event.

Guests :
David Wilson, Chair, Marine Resources Committee, Harpswell;
Scott Moody Jr., Vice Chair, Marine Resources Committee, Harpswell;
Dan Devereaux, Coastal Resource Manager, Brunswick;
Mike Pinkham, Shellfish Warden, Gouldsboro;
Sarah Hooper, Education Specialist, Schoodic Institute;
Bill Zoellick, Education Research Director Emeritus, Schoodic Institute.
Dr. Bridie McGreavy, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Communication and Journalism and the Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions at the University of Maine

About the host:
Natalie Springuel has hosted Coastal Conversation’s since 2015, with support from the University of Maine Sea Grant where she has served as a marine extension associate for 20 years. In 2019, Springuel received an award for Public Affairs programming from the Maine Association of Broadcasters for the Coastal Conversations show called “Portland’s Working Waterfront.” Springuel is passionate about translating science, sharing stories, and offering a platform for multiple voices to weigh in on complex coastal and ocean issues. She has recently enrolled in audio production training at Maine Media Workshop to dive deeper into making great community radio.