Coastal Conversations 11/22/19: Advancing Maine’s Marine Economy

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, substitute for Natalie Springuel
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Key Discussion Points:

What is University of Maine Sea Grant, and its role with Alliance for Maine’s Marine Economy? What is the purpose of the Alliance, how is it funded and how does it make strategic investments
What is the current status of the marine economy and challenges— how the Alliance is helping the industry address those challenges, with examples of investments by the Alliance with Mook Sea Farms, Springtide Seaweed, Downeast Institute for Applied marine Research and Education, and Ready Seafood
What some of the remaining challenges for the marine economy in Maine?
What are hopes for the marine economy in Maine?

Keri Kazor, Coordinator, Alliance for Maine’s Marine Economy, UM Sea Grant
Sarah Redmond, founder, Springtide Seaweed, Gouldsboro; organizer, Maine Seaweed Fair
Bill Mook, founder, Mook Sea Farms, Walpole (Damariscotta River)
Diane Tilton, Executive Director, Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education, Beals
Curt Brown, Marine Biologist, Ready Seafood, Portland.