Coastal Conversations 7/26/19: Maine Authors of the Coast

Producer/Host: Natalie Springuel
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Key Discussion Points:
·What are your books about?
·Between you, you have very different genres (fiction, science writing, guidebooks…), how did you come to this genre and how do you think your work is related to each other?
·How does Maine figure in your books? Why?
·What is your research process?
·What are the ethics of getting the facts right and representing your characters or your places truthfully?


Barbara Lawrence first visited Mount Desert in 1948, and in 1979 became “a year-round summer person.” That perspective grounds her novels, which grew out of her dissertation about the influence of culture on aspirations on Mount Desert Island. She has written seven other books and many articles on a wide range of topics.

Catherine Schmitt writes nonfiction, primarily about science, nature, and the environment, and works as a science communication specialist with Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park.

Hope Rowan. In addition to a writer of guide books and stories of the outdoors, Hope Rowan is a freelance cartogpher and works as a GIS Specialist at the Center for Community GIS.