BoatTalk 7/11/23: Call-In Show with No Phone

Producers/Hosts: Jon Johansen and Alan Sprague
Engineers: John Greenman, Amy Browne

BoatTalk is the call-in show for people contemplating all things naval

This month:
Graphene, next boatbuilding material, Tom Robinson rowing across the pacific, other crazy rowers. Mike Joyce’s interview with a fisherman who spent the night on a bouy in the middle of winter.


About the hosts:

Alan Sprague is a retired boat carpenter and a volunteer at WERU for over thirty years. He and the late Mike Joyce started Boattalk in 2003 and Alan carries on.

Jon Johansen is the editor and roving reporter for the Maine Coastal News. He is Chairman of the Board of the Penobscot Marine Museum, President of Maine Built Boats, President of Maine Lobster Boat Racing, and Director of the International Maritime Library in his spare time.