BoatTalk 3/9/21

Producers/Hosts: Mike Joyce & Alan Sprague

Key Discussion Points:
a) no more paper charts
b) talk with Kathe Newman Walton, boat broker
c) talk with Ali Farrell, author of Pretty Rugged and Holly Masterson, SWH fisherman

Kathe Newman Walton, Newman Marine Brokerage
Ali Farrell, author of Pretty Rugged, True Stories from Women of the Sea Holly Masterson, Southwest Harbor fisherman
Jon Johansen roving reporter

About the hosts:

Alan Sprague a.k.a. Flounder of the Soul Show, has been a programmer at WERU since the glaciers receded. For thirty years at community radio he has worked his way from being an unpaid volunteer to being an unpaid volunteer today, and he says he’s worth every cent of it. In 2003 he and Mike Joyce started the monthly call-in show Boattalk which has become a boating related show without piers (pi). Mike and Alan met many years ago while both were working at the Hinckley Company. Alan was the head service carpenter at the Hinckley skunkworks called Bass Harbor Marine or sometimes Kibbee’s Kennels. He worked there for nearly thirty years and saw yachts of stories to tell yawl. As part of Boattalk they organize the annual WERU Boattalk Cruise in late June for a fun pot-luck trip up Somes Sound, America’s former fiord. Quite cunning Mike and Alan are to work a free scenic boat trip with fine food for themselves.

Mike Joyce bio to follow