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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Segment 1: The public comment period has closed and now those who care about Maine’s new National Monument are waiting to hear its’ fate. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke visited Katahdin Woods and Waters recently as part of a federal review. While his comments after touring the area seemed to indicate that he was favorably impressed, they are open to interpretation at this point. Governor LePage has been a vocal opponent of the monument, downplaying the beauty and historical significance of the area, and any potential economic benefits for the region.
    On Friday the Natural Resources Council of Maine held a press conference in Bangor to release the results of their analysis of the public comments that had been submitted so far, and to highlight the thoughts of some residents of the Katahdin Woods and Waters region. In our first segement today we’re going to listen in.

    Natural Resources Council of Maine

    Segment 2: Coming up on Wednesday, July 26th, WERU, in conjunction with Bucksport’s Wednesdays on Main will hold our third annual storytelling event at the Alamo Theatre. We hope to see you all there, and to give you a sample of what you can expect, today we’re bringing you an encore presentation of 3 of the storytellers from last year’s show who will be returning this year.

    FMI about the 7/26th event: My Maine: The State as Experienced by Local Storytellers

    Maine Currents- independent local news, views and culture, every Tuesday at 4pm on WERU-FM and weru.org

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne
    Studio Engineer/Segment Producer: John Greenman

    President Trump’s actions in his first days in office have been met with protests around the world and right here in Maine- and they show no signs of letting up. Today on “Maine Currents” we’re going to look at the community response to Trump’s executive orders and cabinet nominees. We have a clip from the protest at Bangor International Airport over the weekend, we talk to some of the organizers of local events and then open the phone lines.

    Lisa Pohlmann, Executive Director, Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM), nrcm.org
    Susan Dickson-Smith, Founder/Organizer, Eastern Maine for Racial Justice (EMeRJ), facebook.com/emerjmaine , emerjblog.wordpress.com/
    Sam Salvadore Portera, Bangor Area Organizer, Maine People’s Alliance, mainepeoplesalliance.org
    Karen Marysdaughter, Co-Coordinator, Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine, peacectr.org
    Matt Murphy, WERU General Manager, weru.org

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    As the state legislative session is coming to a close, today we take a look at the status of some of the legislation we’ve been reporting on – and that the Natural Resources Council of Maine has been tracking—with NRCM’s Senior Director of Advocacy, Pete Didisheim. FMI: www.nrcm.org

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Segment 1: Maine’s mining laws are being rewritten. Legislation drafted by mining companies was presented to the Maine legislature last year with very little advance public notice, and revisions are still being drafted. A public hearing before the Board of Environmental Protection last week drew a crowd of more than 100 people last week, with the overwhelming majority of them speaking in opposition the new regulations, which loosen environmental protections. Clips from the March 2012 public hearing when the legislation was presented to the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, and an update on where things stand today, from Nick Bennett, Staff Scientist and Watersheds Policy for the Natural Resources Council of Maine (www.nrcm.org) Comments re the proposed changes can be sent to: Jeff Crawford 17 State House Station Augusta, Maine 04333-0017 207-287-7647

    Segment 2: A few weeks ago we reported on TWAC, the Trans & Women’s Action Camp that was taking place in Maine. Yesterday the action camp wrapped up with participants visiting Irving headquarters in New Hampshire. One of the participants explains why:

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Maine’s lakes are endangered by policies put in place by the LePage administration, according to a report released yesterday by the Natural Resources Council of Maine. We spoke with NRCM’s Advocacy Director Pete Didisheim–the author of “Troubled Waters: Damage to Maine’s Lake Protection Program Under the LePage Administration”, and Jessamine Logan, Spokesperson for Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection.

    You can read the full report at www.nrcm.org

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  • Issue: Alternative Local News
    Program Name: WERU News Report
    Broadcast Date:1/10/12
    Broadcast Time: 4pm

    Program Topic: Maine Legislature Watch

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) Updates on the DHHS supplemental budget and other legislation being monitored by the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP)
    b) Follow up re: the proposed renaming/restructuring of the Department of Environmental Protection and the recommendations of the LURC Reform Committee with Natural Resources Council of Maine
    c) Audio from today’s work session discussion re: legislation to make the Governor’s “working paper” exempt from Freedom of Access requests

    Guests by name and affiliation:
    A) Dan Coyne, Legislative Director for Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) FMI: www.mecep.org/
    B) Pete Didisheim, Senior Director of Advocacy for the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM). FMI: www.nrcm.org

    Call In Program: No
    Political Broadcast: No

    Host: Amy Browne
    Engineer: Amy Browne

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  • Program Topic: DEP Commissioner Patricia Aho’s proposal –is it simply “renaming” the bureaus, or is it restructuring?

    Key Discussion Points (list at least 3):
    a) Aho, a former lobbyist for the American Chemistry Council, the American Petroleum Institute, Horizon Wind Energy, LLC, the Maine Real Estate & Development Association and Verso Paper, among others, was appointed to the Department of Environmental Protection post after Governor LePage’s original pick, Darryl Brown, resigned under controversy over conflicts of interest last year. Aho– who in the past received an award from the Kennebec County Chamber of Commerce for her advocacy on behalf of the business community– announced her plans to restructure DEP at a Chamber of Commerce event last month.

    b) Audio recorded a few hours ago as Aho presented the plan to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee of the State Legislature

    c) Comments from Pete Didishieim, the Senior Director of Advocacy for the Natural Resources Council of Maine, an organization that has been watching this process carefully and has serious concerns

    Guests by name and affiliation: see above

    Call In Program: no

    Political Broadcast: no

    Host: Amy Browne

    Engineer: Amy Browne

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Doug Anderson is a Documentary Media Producer from Boston, and a recent graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Today we’re happy to bring you 2 of the audio pieces he produced about people here in Maine. FMI: www.dougdocs.net www.salt.edu/

    WERU Volunteer Larry Dansinger’s “Outside the Box”

    NRCM opposes roll-backs on vernal pool protection. FMI: www.nrcm.org

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