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  • Producer: Meredith DeFrancesco

    EPA Attempts Appeal of Clean Power Plan and Penobscot Nation’s First Ambassador on Indigenous Peoples Day

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) This week, Trump’s EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, announced his intention to repeal an Obama climate action, called the Clean Power Plan, whose goal is to significantly cut back on climate change pollutants in the power industry, most notably carbon dioxide.
    b) We look at the power of polluting industries and how their influence has increased exponentially under the Trump Administration.
    c) We also speak with the Penobscot Nation’s first tribal Ambassador, Maulian Dana, about her new position and about the recent growth of Maine towns observing Indigenous Peoples Day, instead of, or in conjunction with, “Columbus Day”.

    David Doniger, Director of the Climate and Clean Air Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
    Maulian Dana, Penobscot Nation Ambassador

    This program was produced in partnership with the Sunlight Media Collective.

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  • Producer/Host: Brook Ewing Minner
    Engineer: John Greenman

    Interview with author Gillian French

    Key Discussion Points:
    -local authors
    -young adult novels
    -teenage girls growing up

    Chuck Robinson, Book Industry Charitable Foundation
    Gillian French, author

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Bahoosh

    Rock Cold

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

    Free Speech Week is October 16-22, a good opportunity for us to reflect on what we think about free speech in this country in the age of the Web. Does the Internet change everything and requires a new approach the free speech ideas of the Founders to deal with things like “hate speech”? Let’s think about it…

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  • Producer/Host: Steve Kahl
    Engineer: John Greenman

    Cold climate air-source heat pumps

    -Types of heat pumps
    -Selection and installation of heat pumps
    -Performance of heat pumps

    Guest: Adams Barker-Hoyt, MAC Heat Pumps, Bangor

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  • Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer


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  • Producers/Hosts: Alan Sprague & Mike Joyce
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    el faro report, local rescues, global warming denial, more

    a) el faro report
    b) are global science rejectors evil?
    c) larry albee’s rescue account
    d) another fish boat sinks, this one gets saved

    Guest: Larry Albee Hardwood Island caretaker pre-recorded

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  • Reconnection
    CJ Kenna | Producer + Writer/Performer

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