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  • Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer

    “The Age Liveth”

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  • Producers/Hosts: Alan Sprague & Mike Joyce
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Program Topic: northern forest canoe trail, schoodic ferry

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) what is the northern forest canoe trail
    b) what does the schoodic ferry do
    c) more titanic news, delaware size iceberg

    guests: Nicole Grohoski, northern forest canoe trail board member
    Kaitlyn Mullen, schoodic ferry owner/operator

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  • Producer/Host: Larry Dansinger

    “Two Is Not Enough”

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  • Producer/Host: R.W. Estela

    “Apropos of Thomas Paine”

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  • Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

    Treating corneal injuries

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  • Producer/Host: Anu Dudley
    Production Assistant: John Welles

    The Story of January

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  • Producer/Host: Tim Hagney


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  • Producer/Host: C.J. Walke
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Organic Food and Farming in Maine

    Program Topic: Maine Legal Food Hub

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) Formation of the Maine Legal Food Hub
    b) Services available for farmers and food entrepreneurs
    c) Process of eligibility and assistance

    Phelps Turner, Attorney, Coordinator, Maine Legal Food Hub (www.legalfoodhub.org)
    Beth Boepple, Attorney, BCM Environmental & Land Law (www.nhlandlaw.com)

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