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  • Guest Producer/host: Matt Murphy

    Topic: Civic and Political Dialogue in Polarized Times
    What are some available resources for promoting civic dialogue on controversial issues? What are the benefits and limitations of consensus decision-making, conflict resolution
    and non-violent communications? Local training opportunities?

    Guests: Sonia Turanski, Trained Mediator; Peggy Smith, Nonviolence Communications Instructor; Larry Dansinger, Resources Organized for Social Change

    Call in show

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  • Producer/host: Ron Beard

    Topic: Changing Nature of Democracy: How are citizens changing the way government works? What are ways to make government more responsive? What are the techniques for engaging citizens, experts and policy makers in dialogue?

    Guests: Matt Leighninger, author of “The Next Form of Democracy”; Barbara Peppey, Healthy Peninsula, Blue Hill; State Rep. Jim Schatz, Blue Hill

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  • Producer/host: Ron Beard

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  • Producer/host: Ron Beard

    Topic: TABOR, the “TaxPayer’s Bill of Rights” which will appear on the Maine ballot in November
    Guests: Mary Adams, TABOR proponent; Bill Becker, Maine Heritage Policy Center; Dana Reed, Town Manager, Bar Harbor; Jeff Austin, Maine Municipal Association
    During the final segment of the program the phone lines were opened to callers.
    What is the general situation with taxes in Maine?
    What attempts have been made to manage growth of taxes?
    How would TABOR reduce the tax burden to Maine citizens?
    What are the potential impacts of TABOR on Maine towns?

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  • Host: Ron Beard

    Candidates running for Maine Governor this fall, and/or their campaign spokespeople, share the hour

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  • Host: Jill Goldthwait
    Topic: Home Grown. Good Eating. (Local farms, fresh food)
    What are small local farms like in Maine? The markets – consumers, CSA, WIC, restaurants, farm stands, farmer’s markets. Obstacles – regulations
    Guests: Kerri Sands, Director, Farms for the Future; Jo Barrett, King Hill Farm; Chip Angell, The Brooklin Inn; Diane Lokocm, Beech Hill Farm
    Call in show

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  • Guest host: Paul Anderson, Maine SeaGrant Program

    Topic: The safety of Maine’s swimming beaches, featuring expert guests. Call in show

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  • Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Topic: Sustainable development for Maine’s Native Peoples: Four Directions Development Corporation (FDDC)
    Location and population of Passamaquoddy, Penobscot Tribes, Houlton Band of Maliseets and Aroostook Band of Micmac Indians, current economic and social conditions?
    When and why was the FDDC established? What are the primary goals? What are the community impacts?
    Guests: Susan Hammond, Executive Director, Four Directions Development Corporation; Patricia Kontur, FDDC Business Program Director; Mark Chavaree, FDDC Advisory Board Member; Helen Scalia, Giving Winds Capital Campaign Coordinator; Tom Euell, former Executive Director, Maine Council of Churches
    Resources for listeners: www.fourdirectionsmaine.org or 207-866-6545; www.mainecouncilofchurches.org or 207-772-1918

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