Writers Forum 12/11/08

Producer/Host: Joan Clemons

Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

A tribute to coastal Washington County poet, M. Kelly Lombardi. Members of her Salt Coast Sages poetry workshop will discuss her influence on them, and read some of her work.
Lombardi, who died on September 9, 2008, was the founder and leader of the Salt Coast Sages in Machias. She taught poetry, specializing in international poets, particularly contemporary Irish poets, in Sunrise Senior College at the University of Maine in Machias, and facilitated poetry workshops. She also lectured on antique roses and raised close to 50 varieties herself.
Each year she traveled to Ireland to refresh her music and poetry interests, and to Italy where she stayed at a 12th century Augustinian monastery to “write and write.” “Ireland,” she said, “is my ancestral home; Italy my spiritual home, coastal Maine is my home harbor.”

Guests: “The Salt Coast Sages” from Washington County–Gerald George, Sharon Bray, Don Crane, Grace Sheridan and Philip Rose.