Writer’s Forum 11/10/05

The November 10 Writers Forum will feature four Maine authors: Joan Clemens from Belfast, Michael Kuhni from Milbridge, Danielle Kuper from Brooksville, and D. H. Terry from Mt. Vernon.

Joan Clemens has been a resident of Maine for almost 6 years but a member of MWPA for about 10 years. Joan is a fiction writer with a novel just about finished. She writes a column for a weekly newspaper in Mass and has published short stories in a few small literary magazines. She founded and facilitated fiction writers groups both in Maine and Massachusetts, where she used to live. While in Massachusetts, she co-edited two different literary magazines, and operated her own free-lance copywriting and public relations business. She has also done advertising promotion work for both Time and McCall’s magazines.

Daniela Kuper’s first short story, HOLY GHOST, was nominated for a Pushcart and her current book, HUNGER AND THIRST was called “One of the most
vividly imagined and moving novels I’ve read in years. And one of the funniest…?? by Joyce Carol Oates. A Brooksville resident, she is touring
the west with two award winning authors on: STRONG CHARACTERS IN FICTION, IN LIFE.

Michael Kuhni is a native of western Pennsylvania, son of a steelworker, he dropped out of Wittenburg University to meander the country in 1972. Ended up with a six-year stint in the Navy working on submarines as a nuclear reactor operator. Submerged for a total of twelve months with Tolstoy, Brautigan, Tolkien, LeGuinn, and Vonnegut, to name a few. Surfaced as an anti-nuclear weapons/power activist. The next vessel boarded was the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, where he volunteered in the engine room. Worked at Northeastern University, earning a degree in psychology along the way, then moved to Carnegie-Mellon University. Both university positions were in the engineering field. Left engineering to work at a shelter for teens outside of Boston. Later worked at other social service agencies helping abused children. Currently, he is a poet, organic gardener, devoted husband and father. His “other?? part time job is caring for a two-year where he actsas surrogate grandfather. He collaborated with artist and publisher Brian Curling at Goldfinch Press with a series of five art books featuring original Haiku and wood block prints. He is currently at work preserving the oral history and poetry of Theodore Enslin.

D.S. Terry is author of “Down The Bay”. She grew up in Blue Hill, ME in a lobstering family. “Down The Bay” is based on a true, autobiographical story about the two summers she spent lobstering with her older brother, Reggie Sherman. It is her only published work. D.S. Terry currently lives in Mount Vernon, ME.