WERU News Report 8/20/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

With the situation in Palestine being covered by various media outlets on a daily basis in recent weeks, we may feel like we’re saturated with information about the on-going crisis. But most of us have not traveled to the region, and don’t know the people who are reporting or what pressures their media outlets might be putting on them. So to put things in a different context, we’ve invited two of our community members who *have* traveled to Palestine recently to tell us about what they witnessed. Robert Shetterly is the artist behind the “Americans Who Tell the Truth” portrait series, and Carolyn Coe is a local teacher. You’ve heard them both on the WERU airwaves in the past, and a lot of you know them as community members. I invited them to be my guests on this week’s WERU News Report to give us their first hand accounts