WERU News Report 6/11/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1: Some residents of the small Aroostook County town of Crystal have spent the past year trying to prevent the spreading of septage waste on a field in that town. When the Department of Environmental Protection approved the septage application, abutting landowner Mike Charette appealed that decision to the Board of Environmental Protection. Last week the BEP denied his appeal and a few days ago the spreading of septage got underway. We spoke with Mike Charette and his partner Cyndi Mullens earlier today to get their reaction to the BEP’s denial of their appeal, and to find out what steps they plan to take next

Segment 2: We check in with David Boyer, the Maine political director of the Marijuana Policy Project. We spoke with him on Monday, as the group was preparing to go the the polls in 3 Maine cities, to gather signatures in support of legalization