WERU News Report 5/13/14

Host: Amy Browne
Producers: John Greenman and Amy Browne

For many – perhaps most – of our listeners, Helen Nearing needs no introduction. She and her husband Scott became part of the fabric of this community when they moved to Harborside in the 1950s. With them they brought two decades of experience with homesteading and simple living. They authored several books and articles, including the well-known “Living the Good Life”. In Maine they built their last home, “Forest Farm”, now known as “The Good Life Center”, with the mission of “perpetuat[ing] the philosophies and lifeways of Helen and Scott Nearing, two of America’s most inspirational practitioners of simple, frugal and purposeful living.”

Scott Nearing died in 1983, and Helen continued their mission until her death in 1995. In 1987 WERU volunteer John Greenman, who was working for MPBN at the time, interviewed Helen Nearing at Forest Farm.

7 minutes of this interview were used on a TV program produced by MPBN in 1988, but the full 20 minute interview has never aired before now: