WERU News Report 4/8/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1: Nurses, social workers and economic justice activists observed the anniversary of the murder of Martin Luther King Friday, by calling for the passage of what they call a “Robin Hood tax”. They say they are carrying on King’s legacy of working to end poverty, by supporting federal legislation that would tax wealthy stock traders. A 5% tax would be levied on stock trades, a .1% tax on bonds, and a .005% on derivative speculation. Supporters say the tax would generate $350 billion dollars per year, which would be directed toward guaranteed healthcare for all, job training and living wages, taking action on climate change, ending global HIV & AIDS, sustainable manufacturing and infrastructure, quality public education , housing, child care and mass transit.
Wearing Robin Hood hats and carrying signs saying “Take It Back, Tax Wall Street” and “Heal America, Tax Wall Street”, a group of about 20 people gathered outside the Federal Building in Bangor:

Segment 2: Last week we told you about a traveling show that’s honoring the famous campaign finance reform activist, Granny D. At the showing in Blue Hill on Sunday, Senate candidate Shenna Bellows made an appearance and gave her take on money in politics: Also saying a few words at the Granny D event Sunday was WERU regular Phil Caper of Maine AllCare: