WERU News Report 4/23/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

We have the latest news on the proposed Searsport dredging and dumping project, as well as this report on efforts to clean up the shoreline, and we’ll tell you about a new way to share your WERU memories.

Segment 1: Bar Harbor resident Ron Greenberg works with the Clean Waters, Clean Shores project, mobilizing volunteers to help clean up beaches and islands downeast. They are looking for volunteers to help with a new project.

Segment 2: Elsewhere along the Maine coast, there is growing opposition to the proposal to dredge the shipping channel near Searsport and dump nearly a million cubic yards of sludge elsewhere in the bay. Supporters of the plan – a small minority judging from attendance at 2 recent public meetings–are working to sell the issue as one of regional economic development. But many who make their living fishing Penobscot Bay have been vocally opposed. Here to give us an update is Kim Tucker, pro bono attorney for many of the dredge and dump opponents:

Segment 3: As our 25th anniversary year winds down, WERU has set up a special phone line for listener memories. Jim Campbell, host of “Notes from the Electronic Cottage” and one of the station’s founders, joins us to explain