WERU News Report 1/29/14

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

The legislature is considering a proposed law that is meant to standardize workplace drug testing: LD 1669 “An Act To Standardize and Simplify the Process for Employers To Provide a Drug-free Workplace”.

Supporters say that drug testing makes for safer work places, and that the current law places unfair demands on employers to cover the costs of rehab if an employee tests positive. Opponents, including the Maine ACLU and the Medical Marijuana caregivers association are concerned about the invasion of privacy. And people on both sides say the issue is complicated by the legalization of marijuana, and the fact that a worker may test positive for cannabis for weeks after use, even if they never used it in the workplace.

A public hearing for the bill was held yesterday before the Labor, Commerce, Research AND Economic Development committee. Here are some excerpts: