WERU News Report 10/9/13

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1:
Activists from Maine and elsewhere will begin a trek across the state tomorrow, to call attention to their opposition of the use of drones in surveillance and warfare. Earlier this year, legislation that would have regulated spy drones in Maine was vetoed by Governor LePage, but some of the testimony at the public hearing for the bill illustrates the reasons for concern. First to testify was Shenna Bellows, former Maine ACLU Director, now Senate candidate:
Also speaking before the Judiciary Committee was one of the organizers of the upcoming peace walk in protest of drones, Bruce Gagnon:
Starr Gilmartin (who – full disclosure- is a WERU board member) will be taking part in the “Maine Drone Peace Walk” that starts tomorrow:

Segment 2: Later this month a “Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp” – or TWAC- will be held here in Maine, modeled after similar camps that have taken place in other states. A weekend of workshops and organizing will be followed by a direct action planned and carried out by the group. Organizer Meg Gilmartin:

Segment 3: The local worker solidarity group “Food AND Medicine” is partnering with farmer’s markets to help furloughed federal workers get affordable food. Erin Sweeney is their Agriculture Organizer: