WERU News Report 8/7/13

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Today we bring you part 2 of a 2-part special, with all the latest news on the escalating crisis in Fukushima.
We start with a recap of recent news:

Monday afternoon we spoke with Dean Wilkie, one of the founders of www.simplyinfo.org, a website that has become a clearinghouse of information about Fukushima, with strict standards for accuracy. The website’s associated chat room has drawn experts in related fields, who are monitoring the situation in Fukushima and attempting to keep the public informed. Long time Maine-based activist Nancy Allen is among the participants. Dean Wilkie has three decades of experience in the nuclear field, working at a Department of Energy test reactor in Idaho, in reactor operations, management, construction and plant engineering. Today we pick up where we left off yesterday:

Another member of the simplyinfo collective is Nancy Foust, the research team leader. She talked about how the project got started, and how they work to verify the validity of the information offered on their website: